Sunday, March 23, 2014

Showcase Sunday

Well, we had another creation session today! Keep your eyes peeled for our new dinosaur setup! While we were making some new sets Miss J had some time test out some of our sets. 

A Teddy Bears Picnic. 
This is one of our first creations that we still have available.
Miss J took each bit out of the box and had a great time setting up the teddies, the picnic blanket, and the pretend food. It was lovely to hear Miss J playing along while we got to work creating some more playscapes.

Miss J also unpacked and engaged with our Australian Literacy experience. 
She set it up with the animals exactly where she wanted them, Then she used the stones and lined them up on the table in the corresponding position to the states according to the map of Australia. Miss J broadened her knowledge of australia, it's animals, the states abbreviations and also added some extra natural materials that were on hand.
 That is why imaginary playscapes are so important for childrens development they learn without even knowing it!
 Creating enthusiastic participants in learning sets up a child for life! 

If you are interested in this set or are interested in us creating a set for you please email us at:

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