Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Words for Wednesday

 Found this quote here :
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What is your child's favourite play experience?


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Where do you find resources for your centre?
Where do you find toys for your children?

as both educators and parents I believe we aim to purchase resources and toys that will engage children's learning. This evident in the EYLF as they encourage play based learning. I have taken the definition of that from the EYLF Being, Becomoing, Belonging book.

Play based learning:
a context for learning through which
children organise and make sense of their
social worlds, as they engage actively with
people, objects and representations.

Also from the EYLF-

 Play is a context for learning that:
• allows for the expression of personality and
• enhances dispositions such as curiosity and
• enables children to make connections between
prior experiences and new learning
• assists children to develop relationships
and concepts
• stimulates a sense of wellbeing.

As an educator being aware of children's interest is very important so that I can program opportunities for them to play,learn,explore,imagine, and create.

So I come back to my questions at the top of the page,  

Where do you find resources for your centre?
Where do you find toys for your children?


Sunday, April 21, 2013

How do you know if you have the right toy's for your child??

I found this article and I thought it was interesting. 

  • blocks – one day your child uses them to build a tower, and the next day he might bring the block up to his ear and pretend it’s a phone
  • balls – they’re great to bounce, look at, roll, hold and throw
  • cardboard boxes – these can stand in for so many things, including pretend shop counters, ovens, cars, boats and doll houses 
  • dress-ups – with some hand-me-down clothes and bits of fabric, your child can become anything or anyone he likes
  • crafty bits and pieces – coloured paper, stickers, crayons and washable markers can get your child started on a masterwork.
These are some great "toys" that you could have for a child of almost any age they are great for engaging them in imaginative play, fine and gross motor building, cognitive development amongst many other learning opportunities.

Toy's that capture your child's interest are the ones that they will spend the most time with, developing their concentration skills.

What are your child's interest area's?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

To kick things off!

Shell and I both love quotes. They can be inspirational and get you thinking. 
So I thought I would kick our blog off with a quote.
 You are never too old to play.

Shell and I hope to bring you many inspiration play-based learning idea's.... Keep and eye on this page!