Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Words for Wednesday

Touching The Future 

I don't wear power suits,
make speeches,

or drive a fancy sports car.
I've never talked on a car phone,
made a big sale,
or been elected to the Senate.
I don't "do lunch",
have a big impressive office,
or carry a beeper.
I spend my days wiping away tears,
giving hugs,
and serving chicken nuggets.

A good day is when I go through a whole day
without a temper tantrum,
bite mark,
or a toilet training accident.

My "office" is a room full of brightly coloured toys
and laughing children.
You may not think that what I do is very important
and you may even whisper behind my back
"What a waste of a good mind"
But I know better.

 I make a difference
because I'm changing the world
one child at a time.

Everyday I'm getting the once in a lifetime chance
to touch the future.

I'm proud to say "I'm a teacher".

~ by Marti Doyle

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