Monday, May 6, 2013


Literacy is most commonly understood as reading and writing. Before children can read and write, they need to grasp other forms of language, such as speech and the use of print and pictures. Parents have a vital role to play in helping their children develop these skills, along with a positive attitude towards reading.
The first five years of children’s lives are most critical for laying down the foundations for all academic and social outcomes. During this time the development of literacy understandings in a quality, play based, literacy rich environment contributes significantly to the maximisation of children’s literacy outcomes throughout their lives.
Literacy often makes people think of school and many parents expect that literacy will be taught to their children once they start school.
Children do not wait until they start school to develop literacy skills.
From birth, babies and children are learning all the time.
Literacy is a part of everyone’s daily life, you can use simple day to day activities to encourage literacy skills with your child.
Some simple activities to use with your child:

· Talking with your child, using names and labelling items
· Singing and Rhyming
· Reading stories
· Writing your shopping list
· Demonstrating correct font (in NSW we use NSW Plain font)

Keep checking for some more interesting activities to support literacy development.

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